Video Production

Full production planning, implementation and execution


Live stream your events or projects – from wedding to a conference


Create high quality messaging at affordable rates while keeping your social networking video’s fresh


We offer brand testimonials, commercials, and high-level videos for various marketing platforms

About Versatile Productions

About Versatile Productions

For over 35 years VPI has covered major events in Aspen
and traveled for TV networks and high profile corporations.
In 1998, VPI was contracted by CBS to produce feature
segments for the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.
VPI has worked with Fortune 100-500 companies, producing
opening modules for their national sales meetings and
award-winning instructional presentations.


VPI has stayed current with technology and has focused on
integrating video productions into “new media” applications.
The broad scope of VPI’s capability knows the art of storytelling
which enables the company to keep a creative, fresh perspective
on all of the projects produced for its clients.

Why Choose Us?

Customized Approach

We are a full service “New Media” production company, providing design and solutions in multimedia video production and web applications.

Experienced Team

For the over 35 years VPI has covered major events in Aspen and traveled for TV networks and high-profile corporations. Lead by Chris Tribble the VPI team is dynamic and creative and get you the highest quality service possible.

Excellent Service

VPI are experts in producing a wide range of projects such as: promotional/sales/educational training videos, video press releases, product launch modules, opening modules, wrap-up videos and other special assignments.

Full Service Video

Full Service Video

From location shooting to full production planning, implementation and execution, Versatile specializes in experience in every stage of production. Creating and producing projects for clients and ourselves in diverse environments and overcoming providing solutions for unique challenges. Versatile Productions houses four edit suites, green screen, multi-camera switching capabilities as well as mobile production trucks for on-site live multi-camera streaming and editing for quick turnaround. Thirty-four years of experience with vendor relationships and crew staffing guarantees the best rates and outcome for your project.
Event Streaming

Event Streaming

Versatile Productions provides live streaming for media and events. Meaning, we park our mobile production truck on-site fully equipped with cameras, editing, mics, sound, lights and a staff that will shoot and edit event interviews, highlights and produce video packages to distribute to all your social media sites, keeping colleges and fans a part of the action. Versatile also provides full multi-camera live streaming directly to your website or YouTube channel. We develop a strategic event pre-plan, launch plan and after event distribution plan to utilize all the unseen capture video to time release throughout the year. You can say this is the edge of cutting-edge approach to high end social media marketing.
Video Social Media

Video Social Media

Our annual subscription-based service provides an opportunity to create high quality messaging at affordable rates while keeping your social networking video’s fresh. Through our “Social Media Service this will activate search engines to rank your YouTube site higher and attract subscribers. When clicking on your video, it will be optimized so Google Social Signal will recognize the content for higher web rankings. Since 2014, Google began demanding “good-quality” video content. This trend will continue. Quality metrics include the uniqueness of the topic, the resourcefulness of the production, and richness of the information presented. Social media service is based on repetitive production, with new and fresh messages distributed frequently throughout the year.
Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We offer brand to brand testimonials, commercials and high-level brand videos. You can collaborate with our video team, from script to storyboarding. We also will have the time and resources to bring your video to the highest professional level. We create engaging marketing videos for social media & video marketing. Market your product or service on Facebook, Twitter or any other online platform. If you need a product or service explained or pushed through video on Youtube or Google Adwords we can set you up with a competitive, optimize Adwords account or Youtube channel.
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Clients spend thousands to create a logo. We take it and make look like millions.. We pride ourselves in converting your investment and making it come to life. Creating 3D Logo animation generates multi use applications for video, web, event presentation and corporate meeting modules. Motion Graphics has always been part of the equation. Combined with compositing of backgrounds, titles, and video, we have made the most boring subject interesting for the viewer, creating entertainment value while at the same time disseminating valuable information that becomes an unforgettable message.