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Live Virtual Events Done Right

With these uncertain times, we need to be vigilant in keeping in front of those who are important to you and your organization While live events of the past are still on the horizon, Virtual Events are here. Successful and engaging Virtual Events are what is quickly becoming a specialty for Ascent and VPI. How do you create that personal touch while your guests watch remotely? How do you keep your audience engaged and make them feel part of something special, a contributor to a greater cause or simply someone you want to make feel special and connected? And most importantly, how do you continue to receive the support, which is often the lifeblood for your organization? It begins with the team.


Lorri Perreault, Regional Director, Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc.

With three in-person annual gala fundraisers cancelled due to the pandemic, Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc. took a never-before leap of faith into the virtual fundraising world. Our homeless and poverty programs rely heavily on the funding typically raised at the galas and with our services in higher demand than ever and our program doors open, we knew that cancelling the in-person galas was not an option. We had no idea what to expect of a “virtual fundraiser”. We had no idea how to pull it off! So we turned to Chris Tribble and his team at Versatile Productions, Inc. to guide us through the creation of a live, online virtual hour long show via Zoom on Oct. 30th, 2020 that grossed over $350,000- better results than our live annual galas produced! Chris and his team are experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable in production of live, virtual shows and they were amazing to work with. They covered all bases, handled all “glitches”, figured out issues that had never come up before. The entire production was stress-free for us as their professionalism and attention to every detail set us at ease to enjoy the show we were creating. The show was remarkable, a one-of-a-kind hour mix of live performances, pre-taped client stories, live paddle raise and entertaining comedy set that kept our 800+ participants engaged and donating!! We will most certainly use Chris and his team for future events and could not recommend them more highly. We are happy to share even more details of our event with anyone who seeks additional information.

Lara S. Beaulieu, Executive Director of English In Action

“As Executive Director of  English In Action, I highly recommend Versatile Productions, Inc (VPI). They produced our Virtual Summer Benefit in 2020, as well as numerous other short program videos since 2015. For the Virtual Summer Benefit we wanted a high quality production that was emotionally moving for the audience and helped them to feel engaged with our work. They succeeded all counts. Moving a non-profit benefit and paddle raise to a virtual context is no easy feat. VPI provided the technical know-how and professionalism to make the event highly successful as fundraiser. I have received positive feedback form numerous supporters and audience members. They tell me that the event was engaging to watch and the quality was at the level of a broadcast television program. As a small nonprofit this would not have been possible without their assistance. Their team was also a pleasure to work with and deeply committed to furthering our mission.”

Executive Director of the Glenwood Springs Historical Society 

970-945-4448 or history@rof.net.

This year things are (fill in the blank). No words are adequate to describe what dance we are dancing these days as the tune seems to keep changing. We are all trying to adapt by making it up as we go along. All the more reason to take solace in history…really. The Glenwood Springs Historical Society will be presenting a chance to do just that. Not to paint a false feel-good fantasy Pollyanna picture, but to turn on a light to the past, to see how relevant the lessons of history are for us today. To paraphrase what Gloria Steinem said last month on the hundredth anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment: “There is history and there is the past. They are not the same.” Hold that thought.
In 2019 the annual Linwood Cemetery Ghost Walk was successfully brought back, by popular demand, after a year hiatus. We are not about to have another year without it, not if Clara Miller has anything to say about it. Clara proposed the idea of a virtual Ghost Walk so as not to endanger anyone during the pandemic. The board of directors agreed. We asked master videographer Christopher Tribble of Versatile Productions and True Media Foundation to help us pull it off.
We don’t have all the details worked out yet. But this much I know about Chris: he is trustworthy, and he prioritizes community. He could take on a more profitable project, but he agreed to help us because this annual fall tradition is important to him. For years, Chris has helped young people through the True Media Foundation learn to be self-confident enough to stand and deliver using media to tell their story. The respect shown to Northern Ute Elder Clifford Duncan, being interviewed by his crew of young people, was commendable. The power of caring is so needed in our world today. But caring without action is meaningless. As my Oklahoma-loving Aunt May would say, “Ya gotta put feets to your prayers.” I have seen Chris in action. He loves his community and he loves his craft. Thank you, Chris.
Isn’t that what the Ghost Walk is really about, communicating history in such a way as to make it come alive? Real. Genuine stuff. Stranger than fiction. Our volunteers perform at the graveside of the character they represent; you couldn’t make their stories up. We need the community’s help to pull this off. Clara is rounding up the ghosts and scheduling filming. Thank you, Mike Miller, for coming out of retirement to be Kid Curry, aka Harvey Logan, killer and the meanest member of the Hole in the Wall Gang. My job is to stir up the pot. The Glenwood Historical Society’s survival as a nonprofit is at stake. The Ghost Walk is the organization’s only fundraiser in 2020. The funds from the PPP loan with the Small Business Administration through Alpine Bank ran out months ago. We furloughed our archivist. We received a city grant from the Chamber and a C.A.R.E.S grant through Colorado Humanities to make it to October 31.
We are grateful to grantors, volunteers, members, sponsors and visitors who have made it possible for us to keep the doors of the Frontier Museum open through the summer. Many businesses have not been as fortunate. Now, with a grant from the J. Robert Young Foundation and the artistry of Chris Tribble, we will be using technology to step into the future, so we aren’t left in the past. Remember: what’s different from the past? It’s history we are after.

Program Development

Our vision is to ensure that our value exceeds the cost to our clients. How do we tell your story? First, we work with you on an overall vision for your event and come up with a comprehensive strategy for communications and programming – prior to the event, during the event, and post-event. We have time to review your videos to incorporate them into the Virtual Event or custom produce pre-recorded segments that tell the story and keep the audience engaged from the comfort of their own home.

Event Management

The Virtual Event is essentially the creation of a television show that is live-streamed and we approach as such with a high production value. We will produce a Run of Show and Production Schedule, which will provide the flow of the Virtual Event. Additional logistical documents will keep everyone organized and informed throughout the planning process.

Virtual Event Inclusions

Beyond Program Development and overall Event Management, the basics of a 60 minute Virtual Event include:

2 Supplied Roll-in Videos

Program Graphics

Live Remote On Location

On-site Talent Production

Custom Event Landing Page Creation

Production Team On-site Management

Post-Event Team Recap with Data Analysis and Statistics

Virtual Event Additions

We can be as much a part of your team as you need us to be! We are a full-service event and video production company and offer everything from creative and logistical services to full service audio and video capabilities.

Live Audience Capabilities

Integrate ZOOM with your live event to create a dynamic ability for a host to interact with a live audience. This works great for auctions, paddle raises, and Q&A sessions.

Custom Produced Video Segments

Let us help you tell your story. The investment in the pre-produced video assets of the event will have a long tail and serve your organization after the event concludes. Short social media segments can help get the word out and highlight reels are great post-event videos to send out with a thank you those in attendance and those who could not watch live. We will be on-site to organize and execute the live shoots and assist with editing to ensure messaging and branding are on point.

Program Graphics

Whether it’s creating live-stream transitions such as slides, photos or animated logos – we can create or modify what you have on hand to be easily adapted into the production.

Creative Connection

As if we weren’t thinking out of the box already – how do we create a connection when we can’t be in the same location? How do your guests feel part of an event – and not just someone sitting watching another production on a screen? For fundraisers, the “Paddle Raise” and “Silent Auction” as we know it now look at bit different! We have created the first (that we know of!) Virtual Paddle Raise. This technology can apply to events that don’t have a fundraising component as well. Imagine seeing your colleagues complete a teambuilding activity in real-time? Or how about seeing and interacting with guests of your wedding or a celebration of life? The technology is out there and we are only limited by our own creativity in how to utilize!

Watch Bags

That personal touch is key right now and Watch Bags will undoubtedly boost your viewer attendance. We will design a custom Event Watch Bag for delivery to participants, key donors or anyone else you want to tune in! In this time of social distancing, it’s vital to make a personal connection, to let the important people in your organization know you are thinking about them. That personal touch can be delivered by your team, Boards members, volunteers, and/or the Ascent/VPI team – and for those don’t live in the Roaring Fork Valley, we have options to ship the Watch Bag. There are a variety of options – we recommend a reusable, logoed cooler bag to hold everything viewers need to enjoy the Virtual Event from the comfort of their own home. The bag will include detailed include login/watch information and instructions, an overview of the evening/Virtual Event run-down, and can be customized and/or themed with snacks and other thoughtful items for your attendees to enjoy.